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Hello, dear friends, readers of my blog ! I am always open for new offers. If you decide to visit this page, it means that my blog is interested in something. Maybe you want to offer me a new idea or ask a question interesting you or solve an urgent problem in the shortest possible time with my help – then write. I will try to answer all the letters in full. It is possible that we will be useful to each other. Contact Information:


A request is kindly requested: it is better to ask questions related to the topic of a particular article in the comments. Preliminarily read, please, with the black list of questions, which to ask the blogger is useless, take care of your and my time:

– sale and advertising of something. The blog has other, cognitive purposes;

– posting guest posts or selling links from this blog. I’m only interested in your new ideas for their implementation on the blog;

– SEO and promotion of sites in any form – I have a different subject of the blog.

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