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Hello, dear young friends – regular readers of my blog As the author of this blog, I am always open for new interesting ideas. If you are reading this page, then my work has interested you with something.

Maybe you want to ask your question interesting you or solve a pressing problem – then feel free to write. I will try to reply to you within 24 hours. It is possible that we will be useful to each other. Contact information:


A request is kindly requested: it is better to ask questions related to the topic of a particular article in the comments. Preliminarily read, please, with the black list of questions, which to ask the blogger is useless, take care of your and my time:

– sale and advertising of something. The blog has other, cognitive purposes;

– posting guest posts or selling links from this blog. I’m only interested in your new ideas for their implementation on the blog;

– SEO and promotion of sites in any form – I have a different subject of the blog.

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